neurontin 24 hour shipping to us The  Road Test is very easy to pass..... AND ..... very easy to fail.  It is a test of your knowledge of SC Traffic Laws and your ability to drive safely and within the law.  You are required to drive in a safe and legal manner.  The road test consists of several basic maneuvers including starting, stopping, and turning with proper signal, and paying attention to other traffic as you speed up or slow down.  You must demonstrate that you know when and where to stop and to properly signal our turns and lane changes.

Additionally, you must perform a 3-point turn, demonstrate that you know how to park your car on a hill (grade), back up for 100 feet, and parallel park your car

Each Maneuver is graded Good, Fair or Bad and is worth anywhere from 0 to 8 points.  You can lose 30 points and pass the road test.  When you lose more than 30 points you fail the road test.  You can also fail the road test instantly if you drive in a dangerous or unsafe manner.  This includes speeding, failing to signal your turns and/or lane changes, failing to yield the right of way when legally required to, making an illegal turn, driving left of center on the road, a collision that is your fault, pulling into traffic unsafely, hitting the parallel parking barricades or jumping the curb while you are attempting to park.

You will be graded on your posture, steering, following speed, turning, braking, attention, starting and stopping.  You will also be grded on how you approach and respond to different types of traffic signs and signals including STOP, YIELD, SPEED LIMIT and CAUTION signs.  If you take the test in a vehicle with a stick shift, you will be graded on how you use the clutch and shift gears.

Before you are allowed to take the road test you must have a valid Beginners Permit, pass a vision test and you must demonstrate that your vehicle has properly operating headlights, bright lights, horn, windshield wipers, turn signals, brake lights and parking brake.  Additionally, the vehicle must be properly registered and licensed.

The test last approximately 15 minutes.  You will generally be at the DMV office for about an hour if you have made a road test appointment.  The examiners will not trip to trick you or ask you to do anything illegal or improper.

There is no one thing that is more important than any other on the road test.  The best way to pass the test is to be prepared by practicing safe driving habits as well as practicing Backing Up, 3-Point Turn, Parallel Parking and Parking ON a Hill.  Remember to signal ALL turns and lane changes, come to a complete stop, and don't exceed the speed limit.  Pay attention to the examiner, he or she will tell you when and where to turn and when to perform specific maneuvers in plenty of time to do them properly.